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True innovations can be so revolutionary yet, still, so simple that they may not seem innovative at all.  At EABM we are creating

new ways to manage your facilities water systems that offer real, tangible benefits, improving your operation and the communities

where we operate.  We take a technical, consultative approach to look for better ways to make your operation run more cost

effectively, without sacrificing end results, in order to maintain or increase your bottom line.  As you business partner, we

understand many of the challenges you face in your operations.


EABM's proprietary and patented technologies are among the most advanced business offerings.  When you combine this with

the knowledge of our support team and our expertise, we provide the solutions and technologies that are best suited for the job

in any economic outlook. Consider implementing EABM‘s unique technologies to make your operation more profitable.



  Biodegradable Inhibitors

  •    Innovative biodegradable solid technology combined with our TruVue-r™ technology, designed for optimum dosage control

       and maximum system protection.


  Non-chemical Conditioning

  •    A key ingredient for providing the right solution, our water conditioning system transforms dissolved hardness solids into

       inactive suspended particles which can be left or filtered out of the water. The system requires very low maintenance, no

       regeneration, and no chemicals or salt.


  Anodyne Disinfectant

  •    Environmentally safe, efficient method for disinfecting water against water-borne microorganisms and other bacteria that may








Water treatment has a profound impact on utility costs, maintenance costs, equipment life, worker safety, regulatory compliance, and more.  EABM focuses on smart design, so that through evaluation of your system and conditions, we may provide optimal, streamlined , solutions for your operation, ensuring the results that help protect your brand.  We provide ideas that go beyond preconceived applications, have access to the latest sate of the art technology, and implement EABM‘s methodologies for ensuring quality of work, always focusing on net profitability.



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